TOC Game Day Procedures

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Game Day Procedures

  • You will need to check your team in 1 hr before game time with the applicable field marshal. The players don’t have to be present but we need the player ID cards .  You can use printed out copy or the laminated copy.  When you check in, please make sure that your roster is complete including player numbers.  This will be your master roster for the weekend and will be frozen once the first game starts.
  • Your tournament fees included the referee fees so you do not make a payment to the referees
  • You will not need to print the match report.  We will have these printed out and will provide these to the referees.
  •  We will not be providing benches or canopies.
  •  Teams and their spectators will share the same sideline.  The opposing teams will be on opposite sides of the field.
  • Tournament rules have bee uploaded and can be found on the tournament website at TOC Rules
  • When you check in you will leave your player cards with the field marshal before every game.   Before the first game you will receive your tournament pins for your players.
  • At the conclusion of each game please make sure to pick up your player ID cards.   It is very important that these are not left behind between games or overnight where they can disappear.
  • You or your coach will not need to sign the match reports.  At the conclusion of the games, the referee coordinator will provide the field marshal with the game scores.   We will record these as soon as possible and will do our best to have them within 30 minutes of the conclusion of the games.   If you do find a discrepancy in the score, please contact me and we will investigate and correct the score if necessary.
  • For teams in the championship game, there will be a joint medal and trophy ceremony after the game which is mandatory for both teams to participate in together.  
  • There will be food trucks at various locations throughout the Great Park. 

Check In Locations 

  • At fields other than the Orange County Great Park, there will be one check in location which will be identifiable with a Red Liverpool FCIA So Cal Tent
  • For Orange County Great Park fields see the check in location below:
    • Fields 1-7 – Check in will be along the walk way between fields 5&6
    • Fields 8-13 – Check in will be near the restrooms located in the building between fields 12 & 13 on the end closest to fields 8-11.
    • Fields 14A-18 – Check in tent will be along the path between fields 14D&H and 18
    • Fields 19-24 – Check in will be by the entrance to the soccer stadium between fields 19 & 22