Learning Projects

When I can, I love to work on what I call ‘Learning Projects.’ They are simply side projects that I do on my spare time (if any). It’s a good way to exercise the mind, fine tune my processes, learn new tech, and more. It’s just all around goodness. Here are some of my higher priority projects.

  • Stecaworld.com – yes, this website! My goals revolve around ‘Analytics’ and to review how my website is being used.
    • Drive traffic so that I can review the analytics
      • Generate Ad campaigns and review the analytics
        • Assessing SEO needs
        • Assessing ‘Web’ standards
        • Generate Leads campaign (Phase 2) – This is a bigger undertaking. I’m not yet sure what to do with this one.

  • Integrating AI onto my PHP Applications – Bit of background. I create PHP applications to manage some personal aspects of my life. For example, I have a PHP application to track income and expense for a soccer team that I am managing. I think this is a good place to start AI integration because the database isn’t so big. My ambitious goals are:
    • Integrating AI
      • Text prompts – writing prompts
        • Natural language understanding (Phase 2)

  • Top Secret Project – I can’t tell you too much. All I can mention is that I am trying to monetize on it. It’s semi-ambitious. It’s achievable, but I think I need to assemble a team.

  • Tripsteca.com – This one is a long shot. This is a Travel website. This one isn’t feasible for an individual who doesn’t have the capital to invest. Why? Because using 3rd party travel apis cost a lot of money. The APIs itself is easy to integrate, but I can’t afford the cost (I can’t say the cost because of NDA). Can I reinvent the wheel? Sure, but that isn’t the problem. It’s the contract(s) that need to be negotiate to be able to sell a Hotel room/rate or an Airline ticket. Then you want to be able have many options for the user to shop from. I can’t do this alone. Maybe if someone funded me and a team. Wishful thinking!

If you are reading this, it means you have taken the time and interest to get to know me. Thank you sincerely for reading this post.