My Qualifications

Please know that the following listed are things that I am exposed to in my day to day and/or some selected skills in a specific industry that are worth listing. If you don’t see something specific, please ask me when we connect. Thank you very much for stopping by. 

Name Level Notes
Adobe Creative Cloud Apps5-ExpertThere are a variety of very useful Adobe apps. The one I heavily use is Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Adobe Premier Rush / Pro, Adobe Acrobat, and Adobe Express: Graphic Design. I use these for web development, and for Social Media.
Agile, Scrum, Waterfall and hybrid methods5-ExpertCurrently using Agile.
Algolia NeuralSearch tech6-OtherIn-Progress learning -
Amazon Associate4-ProficientAmazon Associates program management, continually optimizing product selection, link creation, and strategies for ongoing learning and enhanced affiliate earnings
Business Intelligence software (i.e., Qlik)2-IntermediateCapable of configuring queries for multi-formatted data sources within Qlik software.
Content Management System (i.e., Wordpress)4-ProficientProficient in WordPress setup, adept at creating custom design themes, customizing existing templates, integrating code, and configuring plugins for a tailored and responsive website experience.
Database: Access, Google, Interbase, MySQL, and Oracle4-ProficientProficient in a variety of databases and worked on small-large database, cross-database, multi-database. Proficient in online transactions, local transactions, and integration between both.
Figma4-ProficientProficient in utilizing Figma for collaborative and efficient UI/UX design and prototyping.
Github2-IntermediateUtilize Git for version control and repository management on personal web projects to foster ongoing learning. Additionally, my previous job experience with Git motivated me to become proficient in its use.
Global Distribution Systems (GDS)4-ProficientPrimarily Sabre GDS where I've done integrations project. I've also been exposed and integrated with Amadeus, Galileo and Worldspan.
Google Analytics5-ExpertI utilize Google Analytics on all my websites, including, to gather user data. This data is crucial for tracking website traffic and optimizing ad campaigns. My primary motivation is ongoing learning and improvement.
Google Cloud Platform (GCP)2-IntermediateCertificate: Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure (Apr 2021). Google Spanner for query purposes.
HIPAA for Business Associates6-OtherObtained HIPAA certification (What is HIPAA for Business Associates:
HTML, PHP, CSS, Bootstrap, and web design in general4-ProficientActively engage in web development for personal learning projects, such as, to remain current with evolving technologies, even though my current role does not necessitate coding.
Javascript2-IntermediateResourceful with JavaScript, with a track record of writing code for website improvements and marketing projects. While not an expert, I have effectively employed JavaScript to address specific needs.
Microsoft Office / Sharepoint, Teams5-ExpertSelf-explanatory applications. These are just essential applications for everyday work.
Postman, SoapUI / Smartbear4-ProficientProficient in various tools/applications to test APIs.
Rally, Jira, Salesforce5-ExpertProject management and customer platforms I am accustomed to using.
SEO Enthusiast4-ProficientProficient in SEO techniques and strategies, leveraging a personalized optimization checklist to consistently improve website rankings, organic traffic, and user experience
SOAP Rest API, Web Services in general4-ProficientProficient in request, response, and endpoint testing using Postman and SmartBear SOAPUI. While not an expert, I have effectively coded APIs to address specific needs. For example, my NASA Image of the Day page:
SQL developer, Toad for Oracle, Google spanner, PHPmyAdmin, IBQuery4-ProficientI frequently use SQL (for work and personal). Proficient in various database query tools.
Sybase PowerBuilder5-ExpertI possess over 7 years of experience, although it's been a while since I've worked with PowerBuilder. I am open to reacquainting myself with the technology as needed.
Trams Travel Agency Solutions5-ExpertTravel Agency complete solution: Trams Back Office, ClientBase, ClientBase Online, Cross Database Query (CDQ), Trams Marketing Services.
Various Media Tools5-ExpertCanva, AI voice over, Youtube Studio, Adobe Express, etc.